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A Palace With Perks

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

A Weekend at The Waldorf Astoria Versailles - Trianon Palace

We decided to drive to Paris from Germany for my wife’s birthday.

Since both, my wife and I had already been to Paris a few times, we decided to book a hotel in Versailles this time around.

On this trip, we were able to take advantage of two travel credit card benefits! The Amex Platinum and the Hilton Aspire. This time around, the Hilton Aspire’s Diamond Status benefit had to take a backseat to one of the best hotel booking platforms currently available, the Fine Hotels and Resorts program! (only Amex Platinum card and Centurion Card holders have access)

We used the Fine Hotels & Resorts program for this stay because it was a good opportunity to use the new $200 Amex Travel credit benefit with the Amex Platinum card.

When deciding where my wife wanted to go for her birthday, we did the same process as always before deciding. ***post coming soon on how we choose our next trip*** Not to give too much away already, elite status qualifications, current available benefits and access to discounts all play a huge role!

Below, I’ll show you why we made the decision to book with FHR even though we hold the highest elite status with Hilton. Here’s the breakdown of the prices and benefits:

Fine Hotels & Resorts

Room Rate = $278

  • Room upgrade (when available)

  • $100 Food & Beverage credit

  • Free Breakfast for 2 ($30 ea)

  • Early check in 12pm

  • Late check out 4pm

  • $200 Amex FHR credit (Amex Platinum benefit)

Hilton Honors Diamond

Room rate = $264

  • Room upgrade (when available)

  • Free Breakfast

  • Late check out 4pm

  • 100% Bonus Points (34x with Hilton Aspire)

As you see above, the Hilton members discount made the price lower than we paid with FHR. We still decided to use FHR because when adding up all the perks and benefits, the room rate was $78 plus the hotel gave us a credit of $100 for food plus breakfast.

Our stay was for one night but with the the early check in and late checkout, we were able to enjoy 28 hours instead of the normal 20 hours.

Ok now that you see how the benefits from our travel cards helped enhance our stay, here’s our experience.

Our Experience:

The check in service at the Waldorf Astoria Versailles was amazing. Maria (front desk staff) acknowledged both FHR and my Hilton Diamond status. ***I’ll mention this in a later post, FHR does the best so far with allowing your elite status to be acknowledged by the property*** The FHR benefits are one of the best available regardless where you stay. The main difference in benefits that I’ve seen with luxury booking platforms versus elite status is the type of upgrades you receive.

We usually have to ask for an upgrade with FHR and when we receive it, it’s usually one room level higher. On the flip side, with Hilton Diamond status (also with Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status), we get one of the top rooms available.

During our stay at Waldorf Astoria Versailles, because they acknowledged my Diamond status, we were able to get a better room upgrade (usually a suite, if available) and premium wifi. FHR also gives basic wifi in comparison. We ended up getting an upgrade to a room 3 classes higher and costs $200 more.

This property had true five star service. I point that out because I’ve been to countless five star hotels that don’t come close to the five star standard. This Waldorf Astoria felt like the top brand offered by Hilton because there was not a second the service was bad or even average. The staff was always high energy and ready to help with any questions asked.

The upgraded room was beautiful, just like the property itself. This was a five star property, inside and out. It’s funny because when checking in, Maria said, “oh you booked the twin bed room in the Pavilion.” Yes, I booked the lowest room rate lady, don’t judge me! That’s what I was thinking at least.

We always book either the lowest or the second lowest with hopes to be upgraded. It has worked every time in Europe with FHR and only 50% of the time in the US. This method has worked every time with Hilton Diamond status (and with Marriott Bonvoy Titanium). Even when we were Hilton Gold, we’ve been upgraded every time in Europe (Also with Marriott Gold, Platinum and Titanium I’ve been upgraded every time in the US and Europe).

The location was amazing. Have I said that too often yet?! The property was truly one of the best properties I’ve seen. If you drive to Paris, I highly recommend staying here for a high-end experience without paying the high-end price tag. But, if you plan on using ride shares or public transportation, it maybe a little too far out to be worth the hassle. The hotel was a 27 minute drive during the day and a 22 minute drive at night to get to the Eifel Tower.

Versailles itself was a very nice city. I recommend checking out the Versailles Palace if you’re in town. We’ll have to come back again to see everything Versailles has to offer because we only stayed for one night and spent half of our time in Paris.

***Pro tip if you stay here at the Waldorf Astoria. Use the valet! The front desk will suggest parking in the garage for 30€ per night. We used the valet and paid 20€ (in tips) instead of paying 30€ per day! It was really free but I have to tip the guys because it was great service and super convenient being directly in the front of the hotel!***

That was our trip. My wife had a great birthday getaway and I got another chance to take advantage of the benefits that come with travel credit cards and loyalty programs!

Until next time, before you pack your bags, don’t forget to PACK YOUR POINTS!

I am not a financial advisor and highly recommend doing your own homework about the credit card you want to apply for! All of the content on my website, page and channel are for entertainment purposes only.

If you’d like my opinion or help in forming an idea of what works, I’m here to help.

Here are REFERRAL LINKS to the credit cards mentioned in today’s post. By using them to apply, you’ll be supporting the website and channel because when approved, I’ll receive bonus points and miles as well!

*Be sure to check the public offer on the credit cards website to compare which is best for you!*

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